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Updated: Mar 15, 2019

Hi from Charlie and Gileng Sullivan, the directors of Capstone Fox Properties!

We are literally awful at remembering to take photos with each other (2 kids - anyone else know the struggle?? Trillions of photos of them but hardly any of us!) - but we found a property related photo of us both - see below!

We've been married since 2011, and we have 2 great kids and a crazy Vizsla puppy. Together we've built a strong property portfolio, investing in a mix of single-let and multi-let properties. It's been a rollercoaster journey which most recently led to Charlie exiting his 10 year career in the offshore industry and freeing up the time to expand and grow this exciting business.

We are active on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, and we are also going to be blogging updates here. Thanks for taking the time to meet us, and please get in touch anytime if you want to chat or you think we might be able to help you!

All the best, Charlie and Gi

Celebrating the keys to our very first investment property quite some time ago!

Murphy the Vizsla

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